Factors needed for effective online tuition centre

Published: 07th September 2011
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Online tuition centre are still in the infancy stage. It provides a bundle of benefits to the students as well as the tutors. However there are certain factors that is very important to make the online tuition centre effective. Most of them are to be done by the students only then there will be desirable results.

Technical know how:

Online tuition centre requires a basic level of technical know how. The student must be able to freely work with the computer system. A technology called white board is being used for the online tuition centre. Though there are no big technological knowledge required but at least the basics are a must. Moreover the students must be aware of the video conferencing, chat and must have good keyboard skills. They should possess a very good computer system which will be compatible with the major programmes used to take online tuition. Its always better to talk with the online tuition centre to understand the technical requirements.

Apart from the computer system they must also get access to a good quality internet connection. The internet connection must be reliable and the speedy enough to download the pages quickly thereby saving time for the student. If the internet is not good then the student may face a lot of problem like unable to submit the assignments and inability to attend the sessions and so on. A fully dedicated system with a high quality internet connection is a must for effective online tuition centre.

Time management:

Before enrolling into the online tuition centre its very important to chart out a daily plan. Allot time for ll your activities and then find the best timing that will be useful for your online tuitions. This can be done with consultation with the online tuition centre. They will provide you with guidelines for better time management. If you are involved in any extra curricular activities then you may have to devote time for that. So find out the apt timing for spending on the online tuition centre. Once you have decided on the timings make sure you strictly adhere to it. Ensure your presence in the online tuition centre as per the scheduled timing. This will make the tutor also feel confident in you and will help in building better rapport with them.


The online tuition centre is a totally different environment. The students must get accustomed to this and must feel comfortable. Only then they will be able to concentrate on the lessons. Besides proper interaction with the tutor is very important to make the online tuition effective. For this the student must develop better communication skills and must be free enough to communicate effectively. It also help him in getting his queries resolved.


Last but not the least the tutors of the online tuition centre must provide the necessary motivation and encouragement to the students. Only through this they will be able to boost up the confidence of the student.

Online tuition centre though at its initial stages is gaining popularity due to its very many benefits.

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