Four parameters to judge genuineness of tuition centers

Published: 20th April 2011
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The mind of a child is like blank slate. Proper education makes it meaningful. For proper education, the contribution of parental care and schools are highly crucial. However, the growing number of working parents has become a great hindrance in this direction. Only school education is not sufficient for educational excellence. The reason is that one shoe does not fit all. In any school, one type of teaching method is applied for all students. As the receiving power of different students is different, single strategy of education may not work in all cases. That is reason why tuition centers are now at the top of popularity chart. There are thousands of tuition institutes offering their service in the UK. The problem is that all of them are not capable of delivering results according to their claim. Hence, you need to go for a genuine tuition center to offer your child the best private tuition. The underlying four parameters will help you in choosing a genuine tuition institute. They are

Credential of the tutors

The first parameter you need to pay attention is the credentials of the private tutors working in the concerned institute. They will help your child to get rid of his/her weaknesses. Hence, knowing their credentials like educational qualification, command over the subject, experience in teaching and approach of teaching towards children belonging to different IQ group is pivotal. A learned man is not always a good teacher. For a teacher what he/she knows about the subject is secondary but how he convinces his/her knowledge to the students is the primary aspect. You can become confirm regarding the teaching style of the tutors by asking 4-5 students studying in that institution.

Services offered by the coaching center

The next important step is to have an analysis of the services provided by the concerned tuition center. There are some specialized institutes which offer tuition in only a particular subject or for students up to a certain grade. For example, there are several tuition centers which provide only math’s tuition, or tuitions for GCSE examination, science, literature etc. If your child is weak in a particular subject, then these institutes are the best options. Otherwise go for a tuition center that provides an integrated tutoring service comprising all subjects.

Intake capacity of each batch

The intake number for each batch should be queried before getting your child admitted in the tuition institute. Lower is the number of intake brighter is the chance for your child to get better personalized attention. Do not get your child admitted in a tuition center where intake capacity per batch exceeds 10.

Teaching strategy and improvement monitoring system

Ask the concerned authority of the coaching center regarding the teaching strategy they opt for different types of students. Then compare it to the current educational status and behavior of your child. If the strategy matches, then go for the institute. Secondly, evaluate their improvement monitoring system. It includes, tests conducted by the center, frequency of tests, provision of sending test results to parents and step that are taken by the tuition center to improve the performance further.

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