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Published: 30th September 2011
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Giving primary school tuition is not an easy task as they may be very restless at this age. Sitting in one place and coaching them is very difficult. As a result many tutors may not find it worthy to travel long distance for taking private tuition for just an hour. However there are many private tutors who are very good at taking primary school tuition. The cost of private tutor for providing the primary school tuition can be on higher side due to the fact that moulding the small children is very difficult. However spending a few money during the young age is a good investments as this will develop an interest in the subject which will make it easier for the child as well as the tutor when they reach the secondary school.

Rapport building:

Students sent for primary school tuition will be at the very young age. To teach them the private tutor has to first build a good rapport with them. Only through this you could gain the confidence of the child and that will make teaching easier for you. Giving primary school tuition is an art and that requires lot of patience on the part of the tutor. Try to become friendly with the child and understand his needs and mind set. That will help in providing better and effective primary school tuition.


Students of new age not only want to listen to their teachers but they also demand the teacher to listen to them. The private tutor providing primary school tuition must be a good listener. Students of this age will be full of unanswered questions that they will pour out to the private tutor. The tutor must listen to them patiently and answer their queries in the effective manner. This will help in moulding the child in the right direction. By listening to them you are also paving the way for building special bond between you and the child.

Giving encouragement:

Every human being requires encouragement which will lead to better performance. Similarly while imparting primary school tuition the student requires maximum encouragement from the private tutor. Many students are capable of performing well in their academics but lack of confidence could be the reason for their poor performance. Confidence of the student could be boosted through encouragement by the private tutor.

Appreciating their work:

Appreciation is yet another tool to boost the studentís motivation level. When the student does something good its very important for the private tutor to appreciate. Words of appreciation from the tutor will surely do wonders to the Childís confidence level. Primary school tuition provided by the private tutors will also develop close association with the student that the student will look at them as a friend, philosopher and guide. When appreciating the good work of the student the tutor is also boosting his confidence level.


Many arenít want the tutor giving primary school tuition to be very strict with the child but this is not the right approach. Private tutors have to be strict on certain matters like timely submission of the assignment or homework, punctuality and so on. However when it comes to learning there is no use of being strict with the child. Because at this age children tend to be very restless. Only through proper rapport building you could make the child listen to your lessons.

Only through proper and systematic methodology primary school tuition can be effectively given to the student. This is the foundation which will help the student develop interest in the subjects even in the long run.

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